Java programmer (fast track)LC-JAVA-FAST

The course is available on demand.

Remote training: online live with a trainer and a group. Available on demand, at time and place convenient to you, for groups of at least 5 participants.

4.7/5 (335)
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Price: 1290 EUR

ability to pay in 3 installments

refreshments included

computer station included

first minute (30+ days before) - 3%

A survey course in Java for programmers

  • groups of 5-12 people,
  • a survey of the whole universe of Java apps: web, desktop, mobile,
  • save time: assumes some prior experience with programming,
  • learn not only the language, but also Java coding conventions and technologies,
  • hands-on workshop,
  • 1290 EUR
    • instalment payment plans available for private persons
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Our course is intended for those who:

  • want to learn the most commercially popular programming language and already know how to program in another language,
  • know the basics of object-oriented programming and want to learn more about popular practices and design patterns,
  • want to learn Java and discover the most popular technologies associated with it.

Requirements: we expect prospective students to have at least basic programming fluency (in any language).

During the classes students work on Windows, but we introduce some elements of Linux.

Valuable knowledge and skills

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The main idea of the course is teaching programmers not only Java's syntax and basic libraries, but also its idioms, conventions and practices. We expect course participants to possess at least a basic programming experience; therefore, during the workshops they can focus on, for example, important differences between Java and other (particularly scripting) languages.

The course encompasses Java as a language and several technologies important in the JVM world:

  • web applications using servlets and JSP pages,
  • applications with a graphical user interface (Swing), including applets,
  • connecting to a database: both direct and using JPA (ORM),
  • processing XML and JSON data.

64 hours are of course not enough to become an experienced Java programmer, but knowledge and skills acquired during the course should allow programmers to participate in Java-based projects and gather further skills by experience.

A graduate of our course will be able to:

  • write in Java a web application with business logic based on JavaBean components that connect to a database, and presentation based on JSP;
  • implement a web application on a servlet container or an application server (Tomcat and Glassfish will be used during the classes);
  • write a desktop application that contains business UI components with database connections (tables, forms, lists), using platform-independent Swing library;
  • write a program that uses web services returning XML or JSON;
  • use and create simple JPA objects that comply with Enterprise Java Beans 3 specifications.

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