Course: Preparation to Zend Certified Engineer examZCE-PREP

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Preparation to Zend Certified Engineer exam

Category: PHP and front-end web programming

Repetition and complete information needed for the exam Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3.


2 days


  1. Quick review
    • types, projections
    • references, ranges, functions
  2. PDO
    • prepared queries
    • transactions
  3. General issues, what’s new in PHP 5.3
    • closures
    • namespaces
    • constants
    • performance
    • opcache
  4. Integration Layer
    • SOAP
    • REST
    • JSON and AJAX
  5. Object-Oriented Techniques
    • DateTime
    • SPL
      • iterators
      • objects as arrays
    • Late static binding
    • Magic methods
    • Class constants
    • Final methods
    • Reflection
  6. Security
    • XSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery-)
    • Session security
    • Injection
      • of code
      • of emails
    • Encryption
    • Different types of hash
    • Files upload
    • SSL, client certificate authentication

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Audience and prerequisites

This course requires knowledge of PHP and related technologies (XML, SQL, HTTP, HTML) at the course level Web Developer (PHP) (knowledge of PHP at the level of PHP Programming course), but no prior participation in any ALX courses is required.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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