All our trainers are experts - their skills can be put to various uses. Apart from regular courses and training, we also offer consulting, concerning both administration and programming - in modes tailored to our customer's needs.

Individual training mode

Short training, similar in character to private lessons - that is, one-on-one meetings of a single student with our consultant, an expert in the topic that interests the customer. These individual trainings are aimed particularly at professional administrators, who find themselves having to manage a previously unfamiliar system or program - and at programmers who need to quickly acquaint themselves with a new technology.

Advanced Consulting

Advanced Consulting is aimed at medium-to-large enterprises; it can be both short- and long-term, pertain to, among others, uses of Linux and open source programs in large IT projects. It can also be very helpful to programming teams than are contemplating switching to a new technology, but need someone to get their first project in it on the right track.

We have many years of experience in creating tailor-made information systems, deploying open source programs and providing comprehensive IT solutions for business.


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