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Categories: PHP and front-end web programming, Java, JEE, Android programming, Javascript, JS frameworks, front-end dev

AJAX is a trendy WWW technology, the name of which is often translated as Javascript Now Works or, more conventionally, as Asynchronous Javascript And XML. Thanks to AJAX, web pages become quite similar to ordinary desktop programs.

The course provides students with skills necessary to use AJAX technology in own projects. This course is intended for all web programmers, regardless of technology they specialize in (PHP, Java/JEE, .NET).

This course is equivalent of the Advanced Web Developer course.


2 days


  1. Introduction
    • inside the HTTPRequest
    • differences between web browsers
    • synchronous and asynchronous models
  2. Web Service + AJAX architecture
    • creating simple ajax internet chat
  3. AJAX traps
    • Polish characters encoding, server and client side
  4. Prototype
    • main API for AJAX programmer
    • enhanced HTTPRequest objects
    • modifying chat script
  5. Advanced Javascript
    • anonymous functions and objects,
    • heritage,
    • object-oriented programming using prototypes
  6. Prototype
    • handlers model,
    • elements of functional programming: filters, iterators
    • creating excel-like worksheet running on WWW page
  7. AJAX and data transfer – JSON
    • JSON on server side
    • JSON in HTTP header
  8. Prototype and forms
    • basic and advanced features
    • problems with serialization to table and serialization inactive controls (inconsistency of Prototype serialisation model)
    • some practical solution
  9. Javascript and visual effects
    • object-oriented CSS model
    • filters
    • animations
  10. Drag-and-drop effects
    • Scriptaculous Library
    • creating an intuitive ajax basket for internet shop
  11. XML
    • an alternative to JSON
    • parsing and processing XML in Javascript
    • differences between browsers

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Audience and prerequisites

Before attending this course, students should have:

  • Basic experience in designing and programming web applications
  • Basic knowledge about HTML language


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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