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The course is available on demand.

Remote training: online live with a trainer and a group. Available on demand, at time and place convenient to you, for groups of at least 6 participants.

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Regular Price: 1140 EUR

Special Price: 1040 EUR

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Web Design Course: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Joomla

  • groups of 5-12 people,
  • a complete course that will take you from the very beginnings of web design to an introduction to JavaScript and PHP programming
  • no previous programming experience required
  • free software only
  • practical exercises and hands-on labs for every subject
  • 1040 EUR
    • instalment payment plans available for private persons
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Our course is intended for those who:

  • want to design websites and services or administrate them,
  • want to work as web developers or start their own website design business,
  • have no previous programming experience,
  • want to grow as web designers and increase their knowledge of front-end issues.

Requirements: we assume our students have no previous programming experience - only that they use computers for everyday tasks, like browsing the Internet or working with text editors.

Valuable knowledge and skills

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Creating and publishing webpages requires multifaceted skills from many various areas of expertise, among them: HTML and CSS languages, processing digital graphics, designing, administrating hosting accounts or webservers, and often PHP and Javascript languages. The Webmaster course is a complete, all-encompassing training that provides students with all knowledge and skills needed to start working in web design and development.

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The course programme includes:

  • languages used in webpage design: HTML, CSS, introduction to Javascript and PHP,
  • preparing digital graphics for internet presentation and use,
  • CMS Joomla system - installation, management, changing appearance, customization,
  • good practices in choosing, buying and managing a hosting account.

After completing the course students will be able to:

  • design, create and publish business card web page for a company or an institution,
  • modify an existing website,
  • enrich and improve an existing website with an attractive gallery or an interactive map (using Google Maps),
  • create a web portal with dynamic content using a ready-made CMS system.

The Webmaster course is also a good start for those who strive to become a Web (PHP) Developer in the future, who desire to improve their knowledge and expertise in PHP language, Java language, SQL and databases, XML and other technologies, but do not wish to start their learning process with programming itself.

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