Advanced Web Developer (PHP, JS)LC-PHP-S

The course is available on demand.

Remote training: online live with a trainer and a group. Available on demand, at time and place convenient to you, for groups of at least 6 participants.

4.5/5 (168)
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Price: 1190 EUR

ability to pay in 3 installments

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first minute (30+ days before) - 3%

Advanced Course in Web Programming

  • groups of 4-12 people,
  • for those who want to further raise their qualifications,
  • the course is conducted by programmers and project managers,
  • actual, usable code is created during the course,
  • the course programme is constantly adjusted to best suit job market demands,
  • 1190 EUR
    • instalment payment plans available for private persons
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Our course is intended for those who:

  • already have some web programming skills and experience (on an intermediate level),
  • want to raise their qualifications or find a better job,
  • are interested in current trends and advanced technologies.

Requirements: good knowledge of PHP and at least basic knowledge of object-oriented programming; good knowledge of SQL, basic familiarity with administration and at least any one database system.

This course is a continuation of the Web Developer (PHP) course, but completing it is not required - all interested persons may apply. In case you have any doubts about whether your skills and knowledge are sufficient (is this course good for me? maybe I should rather choose the more basic one? etc.), do not hesitate to contact us. Usually, we offer a free consultation with a trainer. We consider providing students with training courses that fit their level as well as possible very important.

Valuable knowledge and skills

download detailed course programme >>

Brief course outline:

  • Zend Framework and modern object-oriented programming in PHP (typical design patterns, MVC etc.),
  • Databases - optimization of queries, explain plan, filters, joins and their cost, statistics; procedural languages - PL/SQL; native XML databases, use cases, XPath and XQuery languages,
  • JavaScript and AJAX for developers - differences between JavaScript and other typical languages, object-oriented model; most popular libraries (jQuery and Prototype, among others), typical architectures and design patterns
  • ActionScript 3 language, or Flash for developers - constructions and traits of the language, Flash API, Flex.

Programming cannot be learned only through theory or from books. During our course, we focus on practice.

  • The students learn all technologies and application creation methodologies from the practical side.
  • During the course we create complete, usable application elements.
  • Course programme is adjusted constantly to suit market trends and demands.

Everything happens under personal supervision of professional, experienced programmers and project managers. Students are in touch with practical approaches and acquire good programming habits.

In case you have any questions about the course programme, e-mail or call us.


After finishing our course, students receive an ALX certificate with a detailed list of all acquired skills.

This course, which covers in detail Zend Framework, covers the majority of material needed for ZFCE certification. Those interested in it should know that taking the exam requires, apart from the Zend Framework part of this course, learning the material covered by ZFCE PREP course, which supplements this course's material (or separately purchased PHP ZF-OOP module) by elements not necessary for everyday work with Zend Framework, but required by the ZFCE exam.

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