How We Work

Step by step to success

Programming projects are more than our job – they are our passion! We are glad to undertake every commissioned project: every project is different, every project is immensely satisfying and every project is a reason to challenge ourselves even more!

In the many years we spent working with exacting customers we created a workflow that allows us to efficiently create IT solutions from the idea, through analysis, design, implementation, tests, deployment and maintenance.

1. Planning

The first step is determining project goals. Next, our specialists can determine how will we build the desired solution, using business analysis and feasibility studies. This stage ends with a detailed project schedule.

2. Analysis

At this stage we determine what the software will exactly do and who, where and when it will be used. ALX specialists perform a detailed requirements analysis. The result is usually a use case model.

3. Design

At this stage, we develop system architecture and user interfaces. Your project will be design by an experienced designer, who – like a best tactician – will prepare a plan for every single detail of the system.

4. Execution

The final stage consists of an implementation design and code, followed by installation and tests. Our specialists prepare a deployment, support and management plan.


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