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Category: PHP and front-end web programming

The complete PHP language course for experienced users, who are already familiar with web programming issues and want to start working on a PHP project very fast. This course is not about typical web application elements (forms, integration with databases) – instead, it focuses on specific PHP platform features, language idioms and constructions.

Together with the ZCE-PREP course and a basic knowledge about technologies used in web applications, (XML, SQL, HTML, HTTP) this course is a good preparation for taking the Zend Certified Engineer exam.


3 days


  1. Syntax and types
    • Types, implicit and explicit type casting
    • Operators
    • Variables
    • Constructions, flow control statements
  2. Functions
    • Variable visibility scope
    • Parameters, values, references
    • Anonymous functions
    • Functional programming
  3. XML processing API
    • SimpleXML
    • DOM
  4. Build-in HTTP handling
    • Cookies, sessions
    • Headers
  5. Object-oriented programming
    • PHP specific OOP
    • Classes and interfaces
    • Type hinting
    • Exceptions
    • Modifiers, inheritance
    • Autoloading
  6. Typical text processing
    • Security: quoting, filtering, sanitization
    • Regular expressions
    • Searching, replacing, formatting
    • Encoding

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Audience and prerequisites

This is a PHP-only course. In practice, before attending this course students should be able to create web applications using any other technology, which means they should have:

  • Basic HTML knowledge
  • Basic web applications knowledge (cookies, forms, parameters, HTTP request headers)
  • Basic programming skills (structural programming, object-oriented programming, SQL)
  • Basic XML knowledge (tag, element, comment, attribute, name space)


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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