Android Developer classroom training

An intensive, 56-hour course in creating applications for Android-based devices. Designed for all programmers - not only those already fluent in Java.

Course participants will learn Java programming and ins and outs of creating Android applications - including advanced techniques, such as employing 3D graphics, using the underlying database and system integration. Read more


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Training: Android

For public sessions, you can sign in yourself or delegate one or a few employees. The prices given in the tables are for sessions in our London training rooms, per one person.
On customer's request we conduct trainings in London, other locations in UK and anywhere in Europe, either at the customer's premises or in any other place, on either customer's hardware or ours. For on-demand training costs see here.

Long courses - on-site and online

Title Date Duration Price
Android Developer



1190 EUR

Short courses - on-site and online

Title / Code Date Duration

Price TooltipTriangle

Android programming


On demand 3+ TooltipTriangle

2 days

740 EUR

Android programming (advanced)


On demand 3+ TooltipTriangle

2 days

740 EUR

Games in Android - OpenGL ES - Libgdx


On demand 4+ TooltipTriangle

2 days

990 EUR

Java-less Android Development. Apache Cordova Project (formerly PhoneGap)


On demand 5+ TooltipTriangle

1 day

590 EUR

Additional information

  • training prices given above are exempt from VAT
  • training prices given above are for our London site - for other locations, please contact us
  • training prices given above are valid for upfront payment at least 7 days before the beginning of the training, when you apply via our standard application form or sign a standard training contract. Payments for custom contracts and payments after the course are 5% higher.

What is included in the training fees?

All training fees for training conducted at our premises include:

  • our training materials
  • a certificate of training
  • snacks, coffee, tea and soft drinks available during the whole course
  • after the course, an opportunity for contacting the trainer/trainers once for advice and answers concerning the training material

Some training courses also include lunches; more information is available in the detailed course description.

See also


We offer a broad range of training courses in application development for increasingly popular Android devices. We provide Java training as well as training in other technologies used in Android development: Apache Cordova.

Android 201

Advanced topics related to creating Android applications: using hardware capabilities, internal database, complex graphical issues, including 3D graphics, system integration and multithreading.

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We recommend also our broad Java training offer: from general courses for beginners and advanced programmers, to training courses devoted to a particular framework or technology.

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