IT specialists for hire

We provide IT consulting services, letting you put our specialists to work on your projects. Whether you need them for a few weeks, a few months, or longer, whether you need help with the analysis, the design or the implementation/maintenance phase, our experts are available. We can provide you with a consultant if you need help with a particular aspect of a technology used or an entire team that will do the project for you.

Specialists for hire:

Our specialists usually work at client's site under their supervision. If so desired, they can also work remotely or even mix the two arrangements as needed.

The rates depend on the area of expertise, competence level and experience of the employee.

Our offer allows you to quickly and easily scale the size of your team for your company's current needs. We can provide you with exactly the developers you need for the current projects, which saves you a tedious and expensive recruitment process.

Expert care, technical assistance, advisory and consulting services

This offer targets mostly medium sized corporations with their own IT departments. We can provide help with advanced tasks, letting you use our team's knowledge and experience for the toughest problems, whether it's a one-time job or regularly scheduled maintenance.

By turning to us in these special circumstances, you can maintain a reasonable size and cost of your regular workforce and still be sure that your IT infrastructure is safe and solid.

This type of service is usually charged by the hour.

The usual procedure

Our specialists' availability is very much dependent on the current situation and their previous engagements. You will usually have to wait 2-4 weeks before our people are ready to work for you, though sometimes they'll be available immediately.

IT outsourcing

With a service contract, we take care of the entirety or a select subset of your IT resources. Depending on your needs, we can consult on the design of your infrastructure, service your networks, both local and wide area, including networking equipment (e.g. Cisco or Juniper Networks). We provide end user support, with a guaranteed response time.

That way, you can reduce or replace your existing IT department, while increasing the quality of service, due to our team's extensive knowledge and experience. You can use the most experienced members of our team for the toughest problems. An IT service contract saves you from the hassle of recruitment, HR management and worrying about employee availability.

These contracts are either charged hourly or with a flat fee. The rates are usually lower than for a one-time job, because of the long term nature of the contract.


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