Instalment payment plan

General information

Payment by instalments is available for private individuals, for longer courses ("bootcamps").

There are currently two instalment options at ALX:

The payment offer in three parts is available for all long courses (to be precise: all courses at least 50 hours long).

The offer of five instalments is available for those long (vocational) courses where there is information on this. As a general rule, we make this offer available for more expensive courses.

Our instalments are always interest-free and completely cost-free. However, when paying by instalments you cannot receive any discounts or benefit from any other promotions (unless this is stated in the terms of the relevant promotion).

If you choose to pay by instalments, in order to confirm acceptance of the payment terms and deadlines, we ask you to sign a (short and concise) instalment payment agreement.
We will send you the completed contract by e-mail, together with the relevant quantities, amounts and dates of instalments. Please print it, sign it, and send it back to us as an attached photo or scan (to adres:

For payment by instalments, we additionally ask you to photocopy your ID card (or print out a scan or photo) and to submit the signed contract and a copy of your ID card in paper form to our branch. However, we agree to prepare the contract using only electronic documents and to deliver the paper originals at the beginning of the course, i.e. we do not require any prior physical visit before arriving at the course.

Five instalments offer

The entire course fee is divided into five equal instalments.

The first instalment should be paid after registering for the course – within 7 days but no later than one working day before the start of the course. The payment of the first instalment confirms your willingness to participate in the classes and guarantees a place in the group.

Payments of the following instalments are generally made monthly, whereby:

The second instalment:

The third and all following instalments are paid monthly from the date of the second instalment set out above.

The exact due dates for all instalments are always indicated in the instalment contract.

Payment offer in three parts

The entire course fee is divided into an advance payment and two equal instalments.

An advance payment of 200 EUR must be made after registering for the course (the advance payment confirms your willingness to participate in the classes and guarantees a place in the group). The remainder of the amount is divided into two equal instalments, the first is paid 7 days before the start of the course, the second is paid up to 30 days after the start of the course. For courses scheduled to end less than 30 days after the first class, the second instalment is due on the first day of the last block of classes (session).


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