Course: Zend FrameworkZF-101

The course is available on demand.

Remote training: online live with a trainer and a group. Available on demand, at time and place convenient to you, for groups of at least 3 participants.

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Price: 990 EUR

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Category: PHP and front-end web programming

PHP Developers participating in this training will learn Zend Framework and related object-oriented programming techniques. Acquired knowledge will allow them to immediately start working on applications that use the MVC architecture, offered by the most widely recognized PHP framework.

Development of software engineering has caused that traditional ways of programming in PHP are no longer competitive with other technologies. Modern project managers do not want the developers to build their own infrastructure and spend time to low-level technical problems. Instead, developers are expected to have knowledge of industry standards: libraries and environments allowing rapid implementation of best practice.

Zend Framework is a platform used in major corporations to build stable, easy to upgrade and manage information systems based on the world’s most popular scripting language – PHP. Two days of intensive workshop classes will allow PHP developers to start work on projects that use ZF and to create their own solutions based on this platform.

This course is equivalent to the first two days of the Advanced Web Developer course.

We also provide a detailed course, ZF-102, which supplements this course with material and preparation necessary for the official certification exam: Zend Certified Engineer .


3 days


  1. Conventions and organization of the program
    • navigating the ZF code
    • naming conventions, the division to packets
    • organization of a typical application, configuration of IDE
    • include_path, using of Zend_Loader
    • necessary design patterns:
      • Singleton,
      • Register,
      • Lazy Instantiation,
      • Method Chaining
  2. Object-oriented Database handling
    • classes built in ZF:
      • Zend_Db,
      • Zend_Db_Statement,
      • Zend_Db_Select,
      • Zend_Db_Table
    • organizing of your own code: model, repositories
    • necessary design patterns:
      • Data Access Object,
      • DTO,
      • Table Gateway
  3. Model View Controller
    • Map of MVC architecture: the place and role of all elements,
    • necessary design patterns:
      • Front Controller,
      • View Helper,
      • Composite View,
    • modularization of code
    • life cycle of the request:
      • routing,
      • dispatching,
      • Request and Response objects
    • routing configuration, create your own router
    • actions controllers, actions helpers
    • view layer:
      • View,
      • Layout,
      • View Helpers; including url, partial and placeholder

During our courses we use Zend Framework version 1.
In case of on-demand courses, it’s also possible to use version 2 if preferred by the Client.

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Audience and prerequisites

The course is intended for PHP programmers who want to build their next application with Zend Framework platform, plan to take up work related to maintenance and development of such applications, or want to start preparing for ZCE certification.

We assume that the students have already mastered:

  • Creating programs in procedural PHP;
  • The basics of object-oriented programming in PHP: creating classes, syntax of methods and attributes (public, protected, private), understanding static components. An optional four-hour preparation course or individual consultation are available for students uncertain of their proficiency with these topics;
  • Basic knowledge of the SQL and relational databases;
  • Creating simple pages and forms in HTML;
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of web applications: request, response, session, cookie, form parameter.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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