On demand

This offer is aimed at:

Companies and organized groups, consisting of (optimally) three or more people.

Choose any training from our offer and ask for any changes you would like in its programme and for conducting it in time and place of your choosing,

Or just tell us what are you interested in - together we will create a detailed course programme and schedule.

Custom schedule

Training on demand can begin at any time you would like and at any scheduling that suits you (workdays, afternoons, weekends). Usually we conduct the training at our training rooms; if you'd like, our trainers can conduct them in any place of your choosing in London or any other location in UK or in Europe.

Custom programme on demand

The course programme is tailored to customer's needs. Customizing the course material and adjusting it for customer's actual needs helps to perfectly utilize the training time - therefore, custom training can be a cheaper alternative to a set of generic trainings.

Sample custom trainings conducted by our trainers are:

Assessing training needs

As part of our training on demand services we offer consulting and assessing training needs. This service is aimed chiefly at larger groups of trained people and larger orders.

One of the most popular services is determining appropriate course level for each prospective student. For example, if your company wants to send 100 employees to a MS Excel training at a level appropriate for their current familiarity with the program. In this case, we usually offer preparing and conducting a pre-test. Results of the pre-test are presented to the customer as a report; they are one of the factors taken into account when employees are assigned to training groups.

We can also, if that is your need, conduct a post-test. Results of the post-test, similarly presented as a report, allow you to see how effective was the training and how much the trainees learned. Conducting a set of pre- and post-tests allows to perform a standardized evaluation of trainee's skills and knowledge before and after the training and measuring how effective it was.

If you are interested in a customized training

Contact us for an individual pricing of the training you need.

Individual consulting for specialists

Single individuals interested in expanding their knowledge about a particular topic or a group of topics can also choose our consulting offer.


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