Regulations of open courses and trainings at ALX

  1. Definitions (vocational courses and training). The ALX offer distinguishes between two training forms:
    1. professional course (also referred to as comprehensive, and hereinafter also abbreviated as: course),
    2. training.
    In case of doubts as to the affiliation of given classes to a given group - the categorization on the website of the full list of trainings is binding.
  2. Online booking is only a pre-booking. The contract is concluded after ALX confirms receipt of the application. The condition for the proper performance of the contract by ALX is the payment by the Customer of the full fee for the course or partial payment (according to the agreed payment schedule) or individually agreed payment.
  3. The formal validity of the application is determined by:
    1. As for a vocational (comprehensive) course - sending a signed application form and confirming payment.
      1. The confirmation payment may be: the initial fee (in the amount in accordance with the price list of the course), the first installment, the full price of the course or other payment (in the case of an individual agreement, made in e-mail or in writing).
      2. ALX may agree to the lack of a confirmation payment and accept the application on a different basis, e.g., only by sending an application form (order) signed by an authorized person from the Customer's company, or by signing a training contract.
    2. As for training - sending a signed application form, a signed order, or a signed training contract.
    3. As for the form and order, a fax or scan or photo of the signed document sent by e-mail is sufficient, for the contract - the original copy is required.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, if the Customer does not confirm the application in the manner described above within 7 calendar days from the date of notification, the reservation may be canceled by ALX.
  5. Until ALX provides other information (an e-mail is considered a sufficient form of providing information), it should be assumed that in the group selected by the Customer:
    1. there are places available,
    2. the start of the course or training is not confirmed by ALX.
  6. ALX reserves the right to cancel a given course or training, if there are not enough participants.
  7. ALX undertakes to finally confirm the status (start or cancellation) of classes not earlier than 14 calendar days and not later than 7 calendar days before the scheduled start date of classes.
    1. If the seventh calendar day before the scheduled start date falls on a weekend or holiday, confirmation will be made on the previous working day at the latest.
    2. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, from March 15, 2020, until further notice, the final confirmation of courses may take place up to three days before the planned start date of classes, and for remote courses for youth - up to two days before the start date of classes.
    It is also possible to confirm the date by ALX earlier than 14 calendar days before the planned date of classes ("guaranteeing the date"). However, in this case, for the convenience of the Customer, it is considered as if the confirmation was formally made 14 days before the start (we honor the possibility of resignation by the Customer as for confirmation 14 days before the start).
  8. If the date of the professional course or training for which the application was made is canceled by ALX, any payments made (initial payment for the course or, if made, the full payment for the course or training) will be immediately returned in full.
  9. Apart from the above case (course cancellation), the initial fee paid for the vocational course is not refundable.
    1. ALX may agree to credit the amount paid to another course or training.
    2. In the event of the Customer's resignation due to important fortuitous events, ALX may agree to return the initial payment (or, if it has been made, the entire payment) upon presentation of a document confirming the occurrence of the event.
    3. In the event of paying an amount higher than the initial price list fee before resignation, ALX undertakes to immediately return the amount paid reduced by the amount of the initial fee, or to credit the entire amount towards another training or course, in consultation with the Client.
  10. As for training (not a comprehensive/professional course), the Client may resign from it without any fees until the confirmation of the training status by ALX. The amounts paid, if any, will be returned immediately, unless the parties have made other individual arrangements.
  11. In the event of a change in the date or program of classes after the Customer's application, the Customer's resignation is possible and does not involve any fees if it is reported to ALX (in writing or by e-mail) within 14 calendar days of informing the Customer about the change, however, no later than the last day before the start of the training.
  12. Except for the above point (regarding a change in the date or program of classes), from the moment ALX confirms the start of the course or training, resignation by the Customer is impossible.
    In particular, no reason for the possibility of resignation by the Customer is: failure to receive or lose the e-mail with confirmation, pro-forma invoice or invoice, absence of the participant or persons coordinating the order at the time of confirming the course or training. In case of any doubts or uncertainty regarding the status of the course or training, it is always possible to contact our office. ALX is due payment for the course or training in the full agreed amount also in the event of the Client's absence from the classes.
    ALX należy się zapłata za kurs lub szkolenie w pełnej ustalonej wysokości, również w wypadku nieobecności Klienta na zajęciach.
    In the event of an attempt to resign after confirming the start of classes:
    1. ALX will pursue payment of the entire amount due for the course or training, in accordance with the price and payment method set in the customer's original application. In the event of non-payment of the entire amount due, ALX reserves the right to transfer the debt to a debt collection company and to enter the Customer’s information into the debt register;
    2. in the event of a fortuitous event preventing the Customer from taking classes, ALX will, if possible, enable the Customer to sign up to a different group at a different time without having to pay the fee again. This opportunity for the Client ceases to apply if the Client declines two proposed dates taking place in the same city where the original training was to take place.
  13. During the course or training, in sporadic, exceptional cases (mainly in the event of a sudden, unforeseen absence of the trainer, when it is not possible to organize a replacement) - ALX may transfer a part of the classes to another date, appointing one substitute date in accordance with the mode of classes (i.e.: a different day of the weekend/weekend - for extramural courses, a different weekday/days - for full-time courses).
  14. In the case of online (remote), hybrid or stationary classes:
    1. Consent to recording and sharing training materials containing personal rights:
      As a Participant, I hereby consent to the recording and archiving, sharing with other participants of the training and public sharing for promotional/marketing purposes and conducting business, video materials from the course, including those concerning me, with respect for the law and principles of social coexistence, as well as in a reliable and professional manner, considering the purpose and function of ALX's activities.
      I consent to the free recording, use and dissemination of this information in the video, regardless of the format, method of recording and authorship, constituting both a detail of a larger whole and recorded individually. Such use may not infringe the personal rights of third parties or the moral rights of the authors of the works.
    2. Consent to the processing of personal data along with consent to use the image:
      As a Participant, I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data, in particular my image, name, position, place of work or information about my business and my contact details by ALX Academy sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw. The consent also includes consent to the recording, use and dissemination of my image in photography, video, in the form of a drawing or graphics, regardless of the format, method of recording and authorship, being both a detail of a larger whole and recorded individually.
      I am aware that my personal data, including the image, will be used for the purpose of sharing training materials with other participants of the training and for archiving purposes of ALX and for promotional / marketing purposes and running a business, particularly for the proper execution of the training contract.
      I declare that I gave this consent voluntarily, and my image may be used indefinitely and free of charge in accordance with the rules set out above, starting from the day the course starts.
      I can withdraw my consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was made based on consent before its withdrawal.
  15. Recording the course or training course by the participant using devices or software recording sound or image and sound, as well as disseminating their content - is possible only with the prior written consent of the Organizer.
  16. The participant of the course/training is obliged to cooperate with the trainer/teacher in the course/training. The participant is also obliged to refrain from any behaviour that hinders or prevents other authorized persons from participating in the course. The trainer/teacher, after an unsuccessful call for proper behaviour, is entitled to remove the participant from the course/training.
    In the event of removal of a participant because of his/her incorrect behaviour, the participant is entitled to a refund of the price of the course/training in the unused scope. The part of the price related to the cost of renting the room, equipment and its configuration, training materials and used catering is non-refundable.
  17. ALX's liability for non-execution or improper execution of the contract is limited to the value of the order.
  18. The customer who is a consumer has the rights indicated in the provision of article 12 section 1 point 9 of the Act of March 30, 2014 (Journal of Laws 2019.0.134). The relevant declaration template is available here. The entitlement does not apply if ALX has performed the service before its expiration.
  19. As for Customers who are natural persons, if the Customer absorbs new skills well and shows appropriate predispositions - with the Customer's consent, ALX may (but does not have to) transfer its data to entities cooperating with ALX in order to recommend the Client for recruitment processes. However, ALX in no way guarantees that the Client will find employment after completing the training/course at ALX.

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