Java-less Android Development. Apache Cordova Project (formerly PhoneGap)ANDROID-CORDOVA

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Java-less Android Development. Apache Cordova Project (formerly PhoneGap)

Category: Android

So-called hybrid mobile applications are created using web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and wrapped in a special container which makes them indistinguishable, for a typical user, from native applications. Many applications and games known from Google Play are hybrid applications.

Participants in this course will learn how to use their knowledge of web technologies to create hybrid applications which use all the hardware (compass, accelerometer, video camera and more) and software (notifications, filesystem access, contact lists etc.) capabilities available on Android devices. In order to achieve these goals, Apache Cordova project will be used.

Apache Cordova (previously known as PhoneGap and later Callback) is a framework that allows developing applications for various mobile environments. After this course, the participants will easily use it to create not only Android applications, but also applications for iPhones, Blackberries, Nokia and Windows 7 devices.


1 day


  1. Apache Cordova architecture
    • usage patterns, JavaScript in a website compared to JavaScript in an application;
    • available subset of web standards;
    • an overview of special capabilities:
      • notifications, menu,
      • sensors: compass, accelerometer,
      • GPS,
      • local filesystem, local database,
      • handling media: video camera, playing sound and movies,
      • reading and modifying the contact list;
    • how to best create GUI, JQuery Mobile.
  2. Android development framework
    • Eclipse, SDK and ADT;
    • Permissions, application manifest;
    • Graphical resources;
    • deploying and testing: emulators, physical devices;
    • signing and distributing applications.

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Audience and prerequisites

The course is designed for advanced web front-end developers, who are fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Not required is any familiarity with any mobile technologies, Java, the Eclipse environment etc.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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