Android Developer classroom training

An intensive, 56-hour course in creating applications for Android-based devices. Designed for all programmers - not only those already fluent in Java.

Course participants will learn Java programming and ins and outs of creating Android applications - including advanced techniques, such as employing 3D graphics, using the underlying database and system integration. Read more


588 participants trained

Training: Android

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We offer a broad range of training courses in application development for increasingly popular Android devices. We provide Java training as well as training in other technologies used in Android development: Apache Cordova.

Android 201

Advanced topics related to creating Android applications: using hardware capabilities, internal database, complex graphical issues, including 3D graphics, system integration and multithreading.

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We recommend also our broad Java training offer: from general courses for beginners and advanced programmers, to training courses devoted to a particular framework or technology.

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