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We offer a wide range of intense, practical training in subjects related to network administration: from security and encryption, through monitoring and VPN tunnelling, up to traffic filtering, bandwidth management and high-availability solutions.


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Training: Networking

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Bandwidth and Traffic Management (QoS) on Linux

An intensive training on bandwidth and traffic management (Quality of Service) - on Linux. Training participants will learn both the theory, as well as the practical Linux QoS implementation.
We guarantee numerous practical exercises and examples; during the course, the participants configure hardware themselves and prepare computers to serve as routers performing bandwidth control.

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Server and network monitoring

A workshop for network and UNIX system administrators. Provides throughout understanding of SNMP protocol and its Linux implementation, as well as intensive discussion of quality (Nagios) and quantity (Munin) monitoring tools.
We provide an interesting, hands-on workshop full of practical exercises; the participants train in a network consisting of over a dozen machines of various kinds.

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