Course: Advanced network traffic and content filteringLX-NETFILTERING

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Advanced network traffic and content filtering

Categories: Linux administration, Networking

The course discusses network traffic filtering tools on Linux, including application layer filtering and specifically web content filtering using transparent proxies. Participants learn how to use filters for virus protection and how to establish safe Internet access policies for companies and organizations.


1 day


  1. Firewalls on Linux
  2. The iptables command
    • blocking or allowing access to services from internal and external networks
    • rules, criteria, targets, user chains, policies
    • testing the setup, nmap scanner
  3. Network topology
  4. Proxy servers, Squid
    • configuration: squid.conf
  5. Access control
    • creating ACLs
  6. Transparent proxy, forcing the user to go through our server
  7. Content analysis
    • DansGuardian scanner, definitions, keyword filtering
    • ClamAV anti-virus scanner
  8. Configuring user workstations
  9. Deploying a company-wide Internet access policy

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Audience and prerequisites

This course targets at least intermediate-level Linux administrators.

Participants are expected to have good knowledge of general system administration and TCP/IP networks and protocols.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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