Course: Bandwidth and Traffic Management (QoS) on LinuxQoS

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Bandwidth and Traffic Management (QoS) on Linux

Categories: Linux administration, Networking

This course provides the theory that lies behind bandwidth management, traffic shaping and QoS, as well as their implementation on Linux – and practical exercises and workshops that allow the participants to put the theory into practice and learn how to use it successfully.
During the workshop part of the course, the participants do, among others, configure computers capable of fulfilling the router function.


1 day


  1. An overview of required concepts: network protocol stack, ISO/OSI model
  2. Frame structure at each layer, TCP protocol, connection life cycle
  3. Traffic shaping and QoS
  4. Bandwidth management on Linux
  5. Queues, disciplines, classes, shaping
  6. Configuration, tc command
  7. Classless queueing disciplines – pfifo_fast, tbf, sfq.
  8. Classful queueing disciplines, HTB
  9. Filters
  10. Incoming packets shaping (ingress)
  11. Practical excercises

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Audience and prerequisites

This course is created for at least intermediate-level Linux system administrators.

Participants must have good knowledge of general system administration and network configuration.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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