Java Developer and Android Developer courses

For interested programmers, we offer the intensive course in Java.
64-hour long, this course covers not only the syntax and basic libraries, but also Java's idioms, design patterns and customs; it provides a broad look at the whole universe of Java applications for various devices. The course program is consistent with Oracle certification requirements (OCPJP).

Those interested in developing mobile apps are invited to the Android Developer course. We also offer a broad range of specialized, short trainings: JEE, Spring, JPA, JSF, GWT...


2711 participants trained

Training: Java, JEE, Android programming

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We offer a wide range of courses on Java itself, the JEE platform and related technologies.
Our trainers are experienced programmers and analysts, who use Java, JEE, web and mobile technologies in their everyday work. They are also certified professionals, with some of the most important certification in the field, such as Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP).

Introduction to Java programming language

A survey course in Java programming, designed for programmers who wish to quickly learn the syntax, most important features of the language and the most important libraries.

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We recommend also our training courses in Android-based device application development and our broad range of PHP and web technologies training.

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