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We offer a comprehensive range of Access training, both for analysts, and for programmers and database administrators.

We are an authorized Microsoft Office certification center. We employ certified trainers - including Microsoft Certified Trainer.

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Training: Access

Individual consultation

For individual persons for whom all scheduled open training is inconvenient, we offer individual consultation. Virtually all of our training courses are available as such.

During individual consultations, while it can be a direct equivalent of a group training in terms of subject covered, we can also provide more than that – we can solve problems, help choose appropriate solutions and provide advice on the most effective use of chosen tools.

More information about individual consultations can be found on the separate Consulting page. In case of any question, we encourage you to contact us.

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MS Access 101

Microsoft Access for beginners - this training helps you familiarize yourself with Access' interface and provides skills needed for working with a database someone else created and modifying it to your own needs. It also covers Access' fundamental tools: data entry forms, data-processing queries and data-displaying reports.

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MS Access 201

An advanced Access training, designed for experienced Access users, who want to expand their skills with regards to topics such as creating effective, complex databases, database normalization, complex SQL queries and other advanced Access tools.

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We recommend the rest of our Microsoft Office training offer (training in other programs from the suite) and, also, advanced SQL and database training courses, designed for both programmers and analysts.

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