Course: XML Processing in JavaXMLJ

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Categories: Java, JEE, Android programming, XML

XML documents can be used and process in programs written in practically any programming language. Most, however, this is done in Java. The aim of the course is to learn techniques for processing XML documents in Java programs, benefits that these techniques provide.
Students learn about SAX and DOM standards, technology of streaming processing of XML documents and storing them as Java objects.


2 days


Day 1

  1. Parsers validating and non-validating; use of XML Schema in applications.
  2. SAX – event-driven model of access to XML documents.
  3. DOM – object model of access to XML documents.

Day 2

  1. Streaming processing of XML documents.
  2. Representation of XML documents as Java objects.

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Audience and prerequisites

General knowledge of issues related to XML, a standards-related orientation and uses XML (recommended prior participation in the courses “Introduction to XML” and “Modeling of XML Schema”).
Ability to program in Java (recommended previous participation in the course “Introduction to Java programming language 6.0”).


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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