Course: Web Applications in Python and DjangoPYTHON-WEB-DJANGO

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Category: Python

A course in Python programming and using Python to create Django-based web applications. This training is designed for programmers who already know at least one object-oriented language, and have basic familiarity with creating web applications in a language other than Python/Django.


3 days


  1. Introduction to Python. Standard library.
    • Creating simple programs
    • Getting to know the syntax, basic instructions, standard library
    • Running programs, different ways to run a program (in both Windows and Linux environments)
    • Creating production versions, which can be run without installing Python
  2. Understanding the object model in Python (including references to other languages (Java, C++, C#, PHP)
    • Understanding differences and similarity to other object-oriented languages (Java, C++, C#, PHP)
    • Understanding how it exactly works
    • Using object-oriented mechanisms (namespaces, objects and classes (old and new type), callable objects, operator overloading, multi-inheritance, modules and packages, exceptions, iterators, generators)
  3. Creating web applications using Django platform
    • Creating a blog with features (formatting posts, adding tags, inserting pictures, adding comments)
    • Installing and configuring Django (using build-in webserver, using Apache and mod_python or WSGI)
    • Understanding a Django application – project, application, model, view, translating ULR to functions in program
    • Communication with database (interactive mode, program mode) and automatic administrative panel
    • Creating templates and using them in views
    • Creating forms – manually and using build-in mechanisms
    • Using generative views
    • Understanding good practices for programmers
    • Observing language mechanisms in practice

      During our courses we use the latest Python version (branch 2) and the current version of Django. In case of on-demand courses, it’s possible to use any version required by the Client, according to his needs.

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Audience and prerequisites

The course is intended for programmers who use any other object-oriented programming language and have basic knowledge about designing web applications.


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