Course: Introduction to the Tcl Programming LanguageTCL-PROG

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Introduction to the Tcl Programming Language

Category: Other programming languages

During the training, the participants will discover the ways scripting languages function in a Linux-based environment. The strength of scripting languages lies in solving actual stumbling blocks that programmers, administrators and analysts encounter in their everyday work and in the automation of repetitive tasks. Tcl, a fast scripting language, performs especially well in tasks related to automation of interactive programs accessed over terminal and software testing.
The training will provide the participants with knowledge about both the fundamentals of Tcl programming and the more advanced topics, like error handling and using extensions, including the Expect extension.


2 days


  1. Brief introduction to working in a Unix/Linux terminal
  2. Introduction to scripting languages and Tcl (versions, methodologies, running)
  3. Tcl syntax fundamentals
  4. Variables
  5. Expressions and operators
  6. Flow control in Tcl
  7. Tcl data structures – arrays and dictionaries
  8. String operations
  9. Error handling
  10. Using external extensions (e.g., mysql and curl)
  11. Introduction to Expect and examples of practical applications

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Audience and prerequisites

This training is designed for all who need the usability and automation provided by scripting languages – both for beginning users and for experienced programmers. Familiarity with another programming language or with basic programming concepts (like conditions, variables and flow control) will be useful, albeit not strictly necessary.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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