Course: Perl as an Alternative to Shell ScriptingPERL-ADM

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Perl as an Alternative to Shell Scripting

Category: Other programming languages

This course is designed to teach how to use Perl in everyday work – for example, in system administration for purposes of task automation. We focus on Perl’s main strength, namely, suitability for troubleshooting purposes, and to this end cover topics such as regular expressions, word processing, screenscraping, parsing web pages. The participants will also learn how to use the numerous useful Perl libraries, communicate with other processes or databases and communicate over the Internet.

We use Linux during this training; however, example of using Perl in Windows are also provided.


1 day


  1. The first Perl program: Hello World.
    • How to write Perl programs
    • Running programs on Linux and Windows.
  2. Basic language syntax. Control statements.
  3. Arrays, hashes. Context. Special variables.
  4. Debugging.
  5. Read from stdin, word processing, regular expressions.
  6. Functions, modules, references.
  7. Communication with the outside world. Running other programs, reading files, arguments.
  8. Generating reports.
  9. How to read documentation and use help.
  10. Using the CPAN modules.
  11. Ungzipping, undecoding.
  12. Communicating with databases.
  13. Sockets. Telnet communication with devices.
  14. Sending emails. Using sendmail, direct communication with the SMTP server, attachments, HTML emails.

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Audience and prerequisites

We assume that the participants have some experience with programming – for example, wrote simple shell scripts.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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