Course: LPIC-2 exam preparation courseLC-ADMIN-LPIC2-PREP

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Categories: Linux administration, Linux (LPI)

A preparatory course for the LPIC-2 – Advanced Level Linux Certification; this training a part of our LPIC-2 certification path.
This training a a followup for our Linux Administrator Course, intended for participants interested in acquiring the LPIC-2 certification. The material in these two training courses combined covers all the exam requirements (and the necessary, fundamental topics needed to learn it from ground-up).

For persons interested in a deeper exploration of the topics mentioned during the training, we recommend the Advanced Linux Administrator course, which provides a hands-on workshop on several useful technologies.


4 days


  1. DNS server
    • Server configuration
    • DNS zones and their transfers
    • DNSSEC
  2. DHCP server
    • Server configuration
    • BOOTP and DHCP protocols
    • Best practices in maintaining DHCP servers
  3. LDAP directory services in Linux
    • Using the LDAP client; data modification
    • Importing and adding objects
    • Managing users
  4. Linux kernel
    • Compilation – when and how to compile the kernel
    • Patches: applying and removing
    • Managing kernel modules
  5. Disk management
    • Configuring and using RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5
    • Configuring and using LVM logical volumes
  6. Creating backups using rdiff-backup
    • Backup strategies and best practices
  7. Filesharing via NFS
    • Configuring NFS: client- and server-side
    • Basic tools
    • Access control
  8. Automatic filesystem mounting – AutoFS
  9. Proxy servers – Squid
  10. VPN
    • Necessary tools:
      • network protocol stack, ISO/OSI model
      • IP/ICMP/UDP/TCP protocols. Reliability. Retransmissions.
    • Encryption – symmetric and public key. RSA. Security. Man-in-the-middle attacks.
    • VPN. Common uses. How does it work? Examples. When not to use VPN?
    • OpenVPN.
      • Designing and deploying solutions
      • Server and client configuration
  11. E-mail systems: Postfix
    • Design, installation and configuration
    • Maps and data sources
    • Postfix server – management and command-line tools
    • Procmail
    • Safe e-mail infrastructure based on Postfix and Dovecot (IMAP and POP3), monitoring its work
  12. Security
    • Secure FTP server – vsftpd
    • TCP Wrapper
    • Log monitoring

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Audience and prerequisites

This training is created for persons who, having finished the Linux Administrator course, wish to take the LPIC-2 exams as soon as possible. It requires having mastered at least the material contained in the mentioned above Linux Administrator course.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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