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Category: C# and .NET

C# is a modern, object-oriented programming language that allows creation of a variety of programs. Windows applications, internet apps, or mobile apps – all of those can be written using C# and .NET framework. C# is very simple to learn. After only a few days a beginner programmer is able to create Windows applications.
People who need to process large amounts of data on a daily basis will find .NET integration with Microsoft Office or Microsoft SQL Server a life saver.
Advanced knowledge of .NET enables one to build safe, fast and complex business apps. Many complex banking systems are built using .NET framework.

This course is a great introduction to programming for people without programming experience. The classes are relatively long but for people without programming experience learning a programming language takes time. At the end of this course participants will create a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application using Windows Forms and a database. Thousands of similar applications are created for companies all around the world.


7 days


  • Day 1
    • Introduction to the .NET runtime environment
    • Introduction to Visual Studio development environment
    • Creating solutions and new projects
    • Variables, constants, value types and conversions
    • Enumeration types (enum)
    • Communication with a user, standard input and output operations
  • Day 2
    • Conditional statements
    • Loops
    • Tables and lists
    • Functions
    • Classes and objects
  • Day 3
    • Class constructors
    • Class properties
    • Class methods
    • Access modifiers
    • Interfaces
    • Inheritance
    • Static elements
  • Day 4
    • Introduction to Windows Forms
    • Windows Forms Controls
    • Event handling
    • Application Debugging
  • Day 5
    • File handling
    • Exception handling
    • Creation of a program solving a given problem
  • Day 6
    • Database management fundamentals using Microsoft SQL Server
    • SQL queries – Select, Insert, Update, Delete
    • Library for communication with database
    • Communication with database
  • Day 7
    • Creating CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) app using Windows Forms and Microsoft SQL Server

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Audience and prerequisites

No prior knowledge of programming is required.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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