Course: Oracle database administrationC-ORACLE-ADMIN

The course is available on demand.

Remote training: online live with a trainer and a group. Available on demand, at time and place convenient to you, for groups of at least 6 participants.

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Category: Databases and SQL

This is a workshop-style course that covers the topics of Oracle database server administration. It’s designed for future database administrators, as well as SQL and PL/SQL developers who would like to broaden their knowledge on topics related to administration.

As the training is an introduction into the world of professional database administration, by default the classes are conducted on Windows, having in mind servers in this environment. If the course is on-demand (closed groups), there is a possibility of conducting the training in the Linux environment.

The training programme partially covers the topics required for the 1Z0-062 Oracle database 12c Administration exam. Passing this exam in connection with the 1Z0-071 Oracle Database SQL exam allows you to receive the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate certificate.

If you would like to learn the basics of Oracle administration, but also (or even primarily) focus on the SQL language and PL/SQL programming, we invite you to join our comprehensive Database Developer (Oracle) bootcamp.


3 days


  1. Introduction to databases:
    • basic concepts related to databases
    • relational data model
    • transactional databases
    • Oracle versions and licenses
    • database tools
    • database versus data instance
    • basic administrator tasks
  2. Configuring the network environment:
    • Oracle engine operation logic in a network environment
    • static and dynamic listener
    • registering a database in the system
    • oracle Net Configuration Assistant
    • database link
  3. Physical and logical structure of the database:
    • logical breakdown and relationship with the physical structure of data
    • contents of database blocks
    • tablespace creation
    • system tablespace
  4. Transaction management:
    • approval, rollback of transactions, savepoints
    • locks on concurrent execution of operations
    • deadlocks
    • UNDO space principle and FLASHBACK operations
  5. Architecture of ORACLE files:
    • creation and management of control files
    • server parameter files – binary and text
    • redo log files
    • archived redo log files
    • backup files
    • use of message log – alert log
    • trace files
    • password files
  6. Architecture and management of the database instance:
    • database parameters
    • types of parameter initialization
    • ADR
    • instance memory structures
    • memory management using AMM and ASMM
    • background processes
    • database dictionaries and system views
  7. Launching and shutting down an instance:
    • launching modes
    • shutdown modes
    • checking the database status
    • database services
  8. User and authorization management:
    • user rights
    • inheritance of object and system privileges
    • built-in roles and creating your own roles
    • administrator accounts
    • management of users and roles in container databases
    • database profiles

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Audience and prerequisites

The training is intended for future Oracle server administrators and also for current database programmers.

Knowledge of basic networking concepts is required (e.g. what is an IP address, gateway, etc.), basics of the SQL language.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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