Course: MS Excel (complete)Excel-202

compliant with: Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Step by Step, Level 3 (compliant with MS 50546)

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Category: Excel

This course is designed to bring the students’ skills in using MS Excel from basic to advanced level. The course provides students with both an overview of the advanced features and functions of the program and knowledge of their practical applications. Practical exercises accompany every topic covered during the course.

Microsoft Certificate: for an additional fee of 20 GBP per person, we provide registration with Microsoft Authorized Training system. Training participant registered in this system receives a certificate recognized and respected anywhere in the world, and additional electronic training materials provided by Microsoft.
Genuine Microsoft certification not only confirms the holder's skills - it can also be a valuable part of a resume. Important: authorization is available for on-demand training courses only.


4 days


  1. Introduction to Excel – Quick review of the basics
    • Entering and editing data, selecting data, searching cells and ranges.
    • Copying, pasting, filling cells and ranges.
    • Inserting and modifying simple graphical objects.
    • Manual formatting. Data types and formatting by data type.
    • Inserting, editing and changing appearance of comments.
    • Naming cells and ranges.
  2. Calculations.
    • Math functions.
    • Relative references and absolute references.
    • Logical functions.
  3. Advanced calculations.
    • Date/time functions.
    • Lookup and reference functions MATCH, INDEX, VLOOKUP.
    • Text functions.
    • Financial functions.
    • Conditional functions IF, SUMIF.
  4. Naming ranges. Working with named ranges.
    • Defining name. Scope and visibility.
    • Linking to named ranges from other worksheets.
    • Name manager. Managing growing ranges.
  5. Advanced conditional formatting.
    • Changing appearance of data based on a formula.
  6. Forms.
  7. Sorting and filtering data.
    • AutoFilter.
    • Advanced filters.
  8. Multi-level Subtotals.
  9. Data validations.
  10. Sharing a workbook.
  11. Managing changes.
    • Tracking changes. Accepting /rejecting changes.
  12. Protecting data.
    • Preventing unwanted changes to the data, structure and formatting of cells, worksheets and workbook.
    • Typical scenarios.
  13. Working with Charts.
    • Understanding Chart Types.
    • Selecting Data Sources.
    • Formatting charts.
  14. PivotTables and PivotCharts.
    • Sorting and filtering PivotChart.
  15. Connecting to a database, querying a database.
  16. Macros.
    • Creating, editing, running macros.
    • Typical scenarios.
  17. The Solver tool.
  18. Watch window.

For open training, the course materials are prepared for MS Office 2010. Other versions (2013, 2007, 2003) are available on request. Contact us for details.

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Audience and prerequisites

This course is intended for professionals and office workers who want to learn advanced-level Excel skills.

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Basic computer knowledge, such as keyboard and mouse skills.
  • Basic file-management skills. The student should know how to navigate to folders and files on a computer running Windows Vista / Windows 7.
  • Basic knowledge of the Excel interface, workbook manipulation and formula creation.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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