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E-mail server - Exim, anti-spam solutions

Category: Linux administration

Designing and deploying an efficient e-mail delivery system based on the Exim MTA. Course participants learn about configuring and managing Exim both as a standalone server (authorization using system accounts and external databases, various virtual domain setups) and as a gateway for a Microsoft Exchange server. Advanced state-of-the-art spam- and virus-fighting techniques are discussed (bayesian filters, DKIM, OpenSPF, selective greylisting, verification at early stages of SMTP conversation).

During the course participants get hands-on experience as they configure a working mail server that mimics real-world SMTP operation.


2 days


  1. Exim
    • architecture, installation, configuration
    • message delivery process, manual control, testing, performance analysis
    • command-line tools
    • Exim query language, adjusting the system for particular needs
    • filter specification
    • additional ACLs at various stages of processing
    • virtual domains and accounts, various ways of storing them (system, files, databases, LDAP directories)
    • authorization methods (authenticators, SASL)
    • limits and quotas
    • connection encryption
  2. Intergrating Exim with anti-spam and anti-virus systems on early stages of processing
    • SpamAssassin – theory, configuration, training
    • sa-exim
    • ClamAV
    • SPF – creating records
    • server configuration for complex setups
    • information sharing between mail servers
    • greylisting issues and their solutions
  3. Setting up a complete, secure e-mail infrastructure using Exim and Dovecor (IMAP, POP3), monitoring its performance
  4. Using Exim as an anti-spam gateway for a Microsoft Exchange server

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Audience and prerequisites

This course targets Linux system and network administrators.

Participants are expected to be familiar with Linux and TCP/IP networks on an intermediate level.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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