Course: Bash shell programmingLX-BASH

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Price: 380 EUR

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Categories: Linux administration, Linux programming, shell, C, kernel, embedded

A hands-on course that presents the Bash shell as a programming tool, from language syntax to practical script programming. Example applications in administrative tasks automation are discussed. During the course participants create real-world scripts (for user management, filtering system logs, making backups etc.).


1 day


  1. How to use the command line efficiently, useful keyboard shortcuts
  2. Streams and redirections
  3. Filters and their typical applications (head, tail, wc, tr)
  4. Regular expressions
    • introduction
    • syntax
  5. grep
  6. Shell scripts
    • variables and parameters
    • working with variables, substitutions and expansions
    • conditions and loops
    • functions and parameter passing
  7. Archives (zip, gzip, bzip2)
  8. Talking to the user – interactive scripts
  9. Talking to the network with the nc (netcat) command
  10. Signals, trapping and handling

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Audience and prerequisites

This course targets Linux system and network administrators.

Participants are expected to know system administration basics and know how to use a text editor (preferably vim).


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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