Course: Advanced shell programming, Bash, AWKLX-BASH-ADV

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Price: 390 EUR

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Categories: Linux administration, Linux programming, shell, C, kernel, embedded

Mastering shell script programming – complex, interactive, user-friendly, robust and secure scripts for helping with common administrative tasks and other applications. Discussed topics include: interactive scripts, pseudo-GUI libraries, data structures, portability.


1 day


  1. Advanced AWK programming
  2. Advanced Bash configuration
  3. Complex scripts
  4. Command line arguments processing (getopts).
  5. Variables and custom data structures
  6. Bash programs as CGI scripts
  7. Interactive scripts using ncurses-based tools
  8. Differences between Bash and other shells (POSIX conformance)
  9. Creating portable scripts

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Audience and prerequisites

This course targest Unix system administrators who want to develop their Bash programming skills further.

Participants are expected to be familiar with shell commands, filters (essentials from the textutils package), regular expression basics, sed, process management basics and making simple Bash scripts.


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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