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Categories: Android, Java, JEE, Android programming

This accelerated course in Java is designed for those who want to start learning how to write Android applications as soon as possible (during our Android 101 and Android 201 courses), but have never programmed in Java before. During the intense three-day course, the participants will learn how to program in Java – from the fundamentals, like syntax and features of the language, to the most important features of the standard library, good programming habits, using IDE and building applications.

Java – Preparation for Android 101 training covers Java SE 6. It is a subset of our Java Programmer and Introduction to Java courses; the training material covers the same subject matter, excluding web programming, Swing and topics inapplicable to Android applications: JPA, JAXB and JSF.


3 days


  1. Fundamentals
    • a review of the object-oriented programming paradigm: classes, interfaces, inheritance;
    • a complete Java syntax and instruction reference guide (excluding inner classes);
    • naming conventions (Sun conventions);
    • practical consequences of duck typing and static typing:
      • using factories,
    • application structure and compilation; loading classes, Classloaders and CLASSPATH. Packets, code organization.
    • IDE: using Eclipse
  2. Advanced Java topics
    • generic types;
    • handling exceptions;
    • inner classes;
    • overloading, autoboksing, wrappers;
    • class initialization, constructors, static and non-static initialization blocks;
    • enumeration;
    • annotations;
  3. Multithreaded programming:
    • basic concepts: Thread, Runnable;
    • blocking, synchronization;
    • an introduction to java.util.concurrent;
  4. The standard library:
    • collections in Java:
      • all collection interfaces,
      • common implementations,
      • algorithms;
    • input and output:
      • streams, readers/writers, decorators;
      • communicating via HTTP, URLs.

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Audience and prerequisites

This training is designed for participants with some prior programming experience. Understanding of concepts such as variables, loops, types, parameters and functions is assumed, as is basic familiarity with object-based programming paradigm (concepts like class, object, method and attribute).


Course participants receive completion certificates signed by ALX.

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